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Effective Aug 2022, we are no longer accepting new clients

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Hi, I'm Bridget, owner of Westside Pet S.O.S.  I have always been an animal lover.  Growing up in Minnesota, my family always had pets and I loved playing with and caring for them.  As a teenager, I volunteered at our local humane society, diligently working every Saturday morning for four years - cleaning puppy cages, litter boxes, walking dogs, etc.  After high school, I went away to college at the University of Montana where I majored in Wildlife Biology.  In 2002, my wife, Loralei, and I moved to Oly and have been loving it ever since.  I have continued to have many pets in my life (currently 2 playful boston terriers and a rescued doberman from Mexico).  I started Westside Pet S.O.S. in 2005 and can't imagine a job better than caring for animals when their owners are unable to.                                                        

We are committed to providing quality care for your beloved pet when you can't be there.  We believe that it is important to keep your furry family member safe and comfortable, while giving personal attention tailored to each individual pet.  We know that every pet owner has a different philosophy on pet care, so we respect these differences and make every attempt to honor each client's wishes. 

We also believe in taking care of animals who are not fortunate enough to have loving, caring owners.  That's why we donate 2% of profits to animal organizations such as Feline Friends and Old Dog Haven.

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Services Offered


Dog Walking

Weekday Exercise plus Free Sniffs

A standard walk lasts approximately 30 minutes at a pace which is customized to your pooch (leisurely for senior dogs, steady for chubby dogs, brisk for high energy dogs, etc.)

Visits can also include play-time or ball-throwing - whatever gives your dog that special joy!

Puppy Playdates

Socializing and Energy Expenditure for the Young Pup

A high-octane, supervised fun get-together with other compatible dogs in a fenced yard/area (typically young dogs under 5 years of age - at sizes accepted with right temperament). 

An outing averages 2 hours in length.

Cat Sitting

Quality Care for Your Cat(s)

Providing once or twice daily visits for your feline friends(s)

All the basics: Exercise/Playtime; Feeding and Refilling Water; Litterbox scooping; Administering Medications.

Additional services can be incorporated into visits, such as: Watering Plants; Bringing in Mail/Newspaper; Taking out Garbage/Recycling; Alternating Lights and Curtains

Home: Services


Dog Walking

15 minute "potty break"  = $16 
30 minutes  =  $22  *Most Popular*
45 minutes  =  $28


Includes pick-up and drop-off
(if not at your home)

Kitty Sitting

Quick-Stop (15 minutes or less) = $18
30 minutes = $25 
45 minutes = $32 
60 minutes = $40

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(360) 753-6696

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